Are you looking for the best interesting things to do in Moses Lake, Washington? then we got you covered. Situated on the Potholes Reservoir and boasting over 120 miles of shoreline, Moses Lake is a city in Grant County, Washington.

The city is surrounded by the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to several migratory birds as well as other local wildlife.

The Potholes State Park, a well-liked location for boating, swimming, and fishing, guards the Potholes Lakes.

The Resorts at Moses Pointe is a 400-acre golf club on the west shore of Moses Lake. The Spring Festival, which takes place over Memorial Day weekend, and the Moses Lake Water Sports Festival, which takes place in June, are the finest times to visit Moses Lake.

Here is a list of the top captivating things to do in Moses Lake, Washington, that will keep you entertained throughout your visit.

things to do in Moses Lake, Washington

1. Visit Potholes State Park

Potholes State Park is a 773-acre public recreation park on the southern bank of Potholes Reservoir in Grant County, Washington, 13 miles from Moses Lake.

The state park was created after the O’Sullivan Dam was built in 1949. The park offers camping, boating, swimming, hiking, fishing, and other water sports along its 6,000 feet of shoreline.

The Potholes are a group of Ice Age earth depressions that were sculpted by flooding. They are a type of geologic feature. They produced hundreds of little islands encircled by tiny “pothole” lakes when combined with the dynamics of the O’Sullivan Dam.

The smaller lakes comprise fifty percent of O’Sullivan Reservoir. Potholes State Park is located on its other side, where the lake is deeper and more suitable for boaters, fishermen, and swimmers.

2. Blue Heron Park

Blue Heron Park is the most well-liked, well-kept, and gorgeous park to visit in Lake Moses.

Through donations from several local companies and volunteer support, the Columbia Basin Walleye Club funded the installation of a fishing pier.

Following a successful fundraising campaign, the Joseph K. Gavinski Trail was added to Blue Heron Community Park’s Heron Bluff Trail in 2015.

There are parking lots, including spaces for boat trailer parking, picnic shelters, and wildlife observation areas. Additionally, basketball is available for you to play there.

Examine the surrounding accommodations, waterfronts, hiking paths, and other features that enhance the lovely experience.

3. Visit Moses Pointe

Located close to the town of Moses Lake, Washington, The Resorts at Moses Pointe is a 400-acre golf club situated above the west side of Moses Lake.
The Links at Moses Pointe is a favorite golf course for players from all around the Pacific Northwest, with its stunning scenery and desert climate that offers over 300 days of sunshine.

Moses Pointe is renowned for its fantastic design, outstanding hospitality, and good conditioning. It is the perfect course for players of all ability levels.

Moses Pointe is a championship 7,400-yard course that played host to the Pacific Northwest Public Links Championship in 2011 as well as the Washington State Amateur Championships in 2005 and 2008.

Along with fantastic golf, the club’s Mulligan’s restaurant serves up the greatest burgers in the Columbia Basin and is a perfect place to enjoy an evening with the family, special cocktails, and a round of golf on the deck.

4. Enjoy breathtaking vistas at Dry Falls

vistas at Dry Falls

Dry Falls is a 3.5-mile-wide fissure of basalt rock that plunges around 400 feet, making it one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the nation. This waterfall was formed during the Ice Age and has thousands of years to remain high and dry.

Take your camera with you so you can record the breathtaking vistas from a vantage point where you can walk out over the abyss. Nothing else in the world is comparable to it.

5. Explore Moses Lake Museum and Art Center

 Moses Lake Museum and Art Center

The Moses Lake Museum and Art Center is a great neighborhood destination to explore.

The museum was originally known as the “Adam East Museum” in 1958.

The museum is also available as a program through the Moses Lake Parks & Recreation Department.

The museum features a large Columbian mammoth, local history exhibits, a gift store, and a massive collection of Native American artifacts and art. Exploring the region’s environmental, cultural, and human history is the mission of this non-profit organization.

While the museum might be small, it contains excellent exhibitions to admire. You can also buy merchandise at the museum’s gift shop that’s both engaging and kid-friendly.

The Moses Lake Museum & Art Center is worth a visit if you’re seeking things to do in Moses Lake.

6. Play Bowling at Lake Bowl

There are lots of enjoyable bowling activities available at Lake Bowl for you and your family.

They have some fantastic deals that are suitable for both families and businesses, such as party packages that include daily specials.

Interestingly, they also give academic rewards to all students who achieve high grades. Additionally, you can play the arcade games there whenever you wish.

Every game in the arcade area will likewise be enjoyable for you.

In addition to having reasonable prices, the bowling alley features welcoming employees that will make your visit enjoyable.

Additionally, you can savor delicious meals at this venue.

Delicious food and fun moments are the ideal combination at Lake Bowl, whether you’re trying to unwind or spend time with loved ones.

7. Savor a delicious meal at Inca Mexican Restaurant

One of the best things to do in Lake Moses, Washington, is to pay a visit to the vibrant Inca Mexican Restaurant. Located in three states—Washington, Colorado, and Texas—Inca Mexican Restaurant is a small chain of restaurants that specializes in traditional Jalisco-style Mexican food.

Every restaurant is renowned for its extensive menu with all of the patrons’ favorites and enormous cocktails served in a classic setting.

For the most genuine experience possible, every dish is prepared from scratch, utilizing fresh ingredients and family recipes.

Families love their Moses Lake location’s pleasant ambiance, extensive menu featuring well-liked Mexican meals, and something for everyone. It’s a vibrant, lively place with vibrant walls and paintings. Don’t forget to sample their Inca Margarita Original.

8. Surf ‘n Slide Water Park

The Surf ‘n Slide Water Park is one Moses Lake destination that visitors should not miss when summer arrives. The state’s best outdoor aquatic facility, Surf ‘N Slide Water Park, is widely liked by both locals and neighboring communities.

It often hosts visitors from far and wide, as well as people of different ages and swimming skill levels.

In addition to its popular artificial surfing simulator, The Flowrider, Surf ‘n Slide offers an array of other exciting features, including a 300-foot Lazy River, two enormous 200-foot water slides, a kids’ splash area, a Treasure Island water feature, and two beach volleyball courts.

The playground, splash pad, and baby octopus slide are among the kid-friendly features of the water park.

If by chance you visited Moses Lake during the summer month, Surf ‘n Slide Water Park should be one of the best places to include on your list of things to do in Moses Lake, Washington.

9. See Movies at Fairchild Cinemas

One of the things that draws visitors to Fairchild Cinemas is its charming theater and cozy seating.

Fairchild Cinemas is one of Moses Lake’s best movie theaters if you want to catch up on the latest releases.

The theater is immaculate in addition to having fantastic movies. The people working here are friendly, not to mention they have fantastic prices.

This fascinating movie theater should be on your list of things to do in Moses Lake, Washington, especially if you’re a movie buff.

10. Take a free tour of the Grand Coulee Dam

Are you curious about the dam that generates the most hydropower in the nation? Consider adding a trip to the dam at dusk if you’re only going to be in the area for a day or two.

Enjoy a breathtaking drive at dusk to reach the Grand Coulee Dam.

When making travel plans, keep in mind that although the dam is open year-round, tours are only offered from late May to late October. Stay a little later to witness the free outdoor laser light show, “One River, Many Voices,” which is projected onto the dam. The start time varies according to the season.

You can catch the show at 10 p.m. from late May through July 31; at 9:30 p.m. in August; and at 8:30 p.m. in September.

11. Go on a prehistoric hike into Lake Lenore Caves

Hike to Lake Lenore Caves and experience a trip back in time. Along the short walk, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about 12,000 years of history. The caves were formed by the Great Missoula flood after the last Ice Age and are situated within the Lake Lenore State Park Heritage Site.

The seven caves are Native American sacred sites; spend time visiting each one. Additionally, the smell of sage is amazing if it happens to rain when you are there.

In the summer, the trail is completely exposed to the intense heat. Think about going early in the morning. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water, wear hiking boots or shoes, and wear a hat.

12. Play Indoor Virtual Golf at Divots Golf

Divots Golf presents indoor virtual golf—a brand-new, amazing way to play the game.

With the use of exclusive TruGolf TruFlight swing analysis technology, players can determine the exact direction and speed of every swing.

Additionally, this technology works in harmony with the best E6 CONNECT club fitting software, which completely immerses you in a genuine golfing experience.

The conditions of the weather may restrict your enjoyment of an outdoor golf game with loved ones. That is not the case when you play indoors.

You can play in any weather condition thanks to the more than 100 global courses available.

Whether you want a business, friendly, or league match, Divots Golf makes the game more convenient and accessible for all golfers.

Play a breathtaking round of golf virtually before you go to the actual links.

13. Larson Playfield

Larson Playfield is a superb 18-acre playground that offers a fantastic array of features to enhance your softball or baseball experience.
There is a playground suitable for small children and older family members, in addition to fields and bleachers.

There is a complete changing room and shower area just behind the bleachers where fans can change after the game.

If you’d like to get some food or drink during the game, refreshments are also available for purchase.

If you want to improve your hitting, consider renting a batting cage.

Let your child play Little League in the community to develop character. Larson Playfield extends a warm welcome to the whole family.

It offers an active, welcoming community for people to play or watch sports, hang out with friends and loved ones, and enjoy the great outdoors.

14. Dine at Porterhouse Steakhouse

The Porterhouse Steakhouse has been an integral part of Moses Lake for over 50 years.

The restaurant’s succulent seafood, delectable burgers, and amazing chicken fried steak are favorites among the locals.

The eatery has made an effort to provide a space that can accommodate both small and large gatherings.

Enjoy the delicious food on the menu and catch up with visitors or colleagues. They also have private rooms for special events.

There, you will undoubtedly create enduring memories when it comes time to celebrate.

15. Go Camping at Cascade Park

On our final list of things to do in Moses Lake, Washington, is to embark on a camping journey at Cascade Park.

Cascade Park is the ideal location for a variety of outdoor pursuits, including bicycling and camping.

Take in boating events at the boat launch and unwind by the 30-acre waterfront park with access to the shoreline.

Additionally, many places are great for diving where you can go fishing. You are limited to swimming in certain places, though.

Campsites and day-use areas are also available for your use. There are local soccer fields where you can practice and attend classes.

There are seasonal T-ball fields and a group picnic shelter with a nonsmoking BBQ grill area that may be rented out.

You will surely appreciate Cascade Park if you enjoy camping.


frequently asked questions about Moses Lake, Washington

What is Moses Lake known for?

Moses Lake is known for its outdoor recreational activities, especially water sports like boating, fishing, and swimming. It’s also recognized for its aviation industry, as the Grant County International Airport hosts various aerospace activities.

What are the popular attractions in Moses Lake?

Popular attractions in Moses Lake include the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center, Surf ‘n Slide Water Park, Montlake Park, Potholes State Park, and the Sand Dunes ORV Park.

What outdoor activities can you do at Moses Lake?

Residents and visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, water skiing, swimming, hiking, camping, golfing, and off-road vehicle riding.

What is the weather like in Moses Lake?

Moses Lake experiences a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold winters. Summers are typically warm and dry, with temperatures ranging from the 70s to the 90s Fahrenheit, while winters can be cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing.

Is Moses Lake a good place to live?

Many residents appreciate the lower cost of living, outdoor recreational opportunities, and community feel of Moses Lake. However, the decision about whether it’s a good place to live can vary depending on individual preferences.

How far is Moses Lake from Seattle?

Moses Lake is located about 170 miles east of Seattle, which is approximately a 2.5- to 3-hour drive depending on traffic conditions.

Are there any annual events or festivals in Moses Lake?

Yes, Moses Lake hosts several events and festivals throughout the year, such as the Moses Lake Spring Festival, the Moses Lake Airshow, the Moses Lake Water Lantern Festival, and the Moses Lake Roundup Rodeo.

What industries are prominent in Moses Lake?

Moses Lake has a significant presence in the agriculture, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. It’s known for its potato production and hosts a Boeing facility, contributing to the aerospace sector.

Is there a lake in Moses Lake?

Yes, Moses Lake is named after the body of water it surrounds. The lake is a man-made reservoir and serves as a focal point for recreational activities in the area.

Are there educational institutions in Moses Lake?

Yes, Moses Lake is served by several public schools and has institutions like Big Bend Community College offering higher education opportunities.

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