Are you a traveler looking to explore Europe on a tight budget, We’ve got you covered. There are dozens of attractive, shockingly inexpensive locations that have all the European elegance for a fraction of the cost of every pricey metropolis.

Traveling to lesser-known but no less amazing locations will require some creativity if you’re searching for the most affordable countries in Europe to visit. While England, Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands can be expensive, there are plenty of alternative possibilities that provide an extensive European flavor on a budget, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Travelers visiting Europe might get some of the finest deals at destinations in Eastern Europe. Another smart strategy to save money if you want to visit some of the well-known Western European nations is to schedule your travel to coincide with off-peak times.

Timing is the real deal if you’re a budget traveler. So don’t get it twisted; even some of the popular cities in Europe can be explored on a budget depending on your timing.

Looking forward to exploring Europe? Here is the list of the top low budget travel destinations in Europe for your memorable vacation.

low budget travel destinations Europe

1. Romania

Romania is ideal for tourists on a tight budget. Romania is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, particularly if you’re primarily interested in seeing the local area or climbing in the Carpathian Mountains. In fact, if you plan a tourist day trip or don’t mind making tedious train transfers from Bucharest, a trip to Brasov, the site of Dracula’s 14th-century Bran Castle, can be had for relatively little money.

Visits to some of Bucharest’s most magnificent buildings, such as the Old Town from the fifteenth century, Revolution Square, and Romania’s own Arch of Triumph, are either completely free or very cheap. When it’s warmer outside, biking through tiny towns may be a lot of fun, or you can sign up for one of the many free walking tours that leave from the town center.
Generally, grocery shopping is a waste of time because eating out is inexpensive and provides substantial, satisfying meals in Romania. Street food vendors frequently sell inexpensive, locally sourced specialties such as sarmale cabbage rolls, cozonac sweet bread, and mamaliga polenta, which are typically eaten with strong cheese and sour cream. These are excellent for a short introduction to the area.

2. Albania

It’s about time that Albania becomes a well-liked travel destination in the Balkans!

Albania is not just one of the most affordable countries in Europe, but it’s also one of the most stunning, with its immaculate beaches, breathtaking mountain ranges, and mouthwatering cuisine.
Given that it borders Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, it is also very accessible and convenient to travel to!

On its southern Ionian coast, steep grey mountains frame azure seas and golden sands.
Additionally, be aware that Tirana, the capital of Albania, has a surprisingly large variety of amazing things to offer.

A convenient point of entrance from Greece, Sarande is located nearly touching distance from Corfu. You can target the Ksamil beaches and neighboring islands from this location. Affordable seafood, mild waters, and a scattering of remote Greek ruins and Ottoman settlements combine to make for the ideal combination of a traditional European vacation.

Why not visit the stunning Lake Ohrid or the Albanian Alps if you’d want to see more of the country’s interior?

In addition to its stunning coasts and scenery, Albania is home to several amazing towns, such as Berat, Gjirokastra, and Kruja!

3. Montenegro

As one of the newest countries in Europe, Montenegro became well-known for its cheap vacations after obtaining independence in 2006. The nation is becoming more and more well-known and reasonably priced as a tourism destination, not only in Europe but the world at large.

Fewer crowds and, of course, cheaper pricing are just two benefits of being a “rising tourist destination” for tourists. The nation offers visitors a plethora of experiences at a fraction of the cost of other, more popular European tourist locations, including stunning beaches, UNESCO-listed medieval towns, national parks, lakes, mountains, and more.

Travelers to Montenegro may anticipate affordable dining, especially if they stick to the regional cuisine, which includes seafood, cheese produced from scratch, and cured meats like burek. It goes without saying that Montenegro offers a wide variety of affordable Italian dishes, including salads, spaghetti, and pizza. Additionally, grocery stores are inexpensive, so if you reserve accommodations with a kitchen, you may stock up and prepare your own meals.

It is important to remember that July and August are Montenegro’s busiest months. Most of the tourists are concentrated along the coast, especially in places like Herceg Novi on the Bay of Kotor or the trendy beach city of Budva.

You may always travel inland to see the craggy mountains, glacial lakes, and UNESCO-listed medieval villages if you happen to be there during the summer. For example, Crno Jezero, a mountain lake surrounded by deep green-bluish forest, is a stunning destination for hiking and swimming and is completely free to enjoy.

4. North Macedonia

North Macedonia, which borders five other nations, is the ideal place to travel if you don’t mind being near the sea.
You’ll be astounded by the area’s natural splendor, which includes charming villages, majestic lakes, and towering mountains.

The nation’s capital is among the most charming in all of Europe and incredibly rich in history.
Being among the least expensive countries in the world, not just in Europe, North Macedonia is ideal for travelers on a tight budget.
Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia, is frequently the first place visitors arrive. It’s a must-visit location with a real historic town, vibrant nightlife, and lots of culture.

Along with Alexander the Great, the nation is home to Mother Theresa and other Ottoman influences.
Bitola, Gevgelija, Stobi, and Struga are just a few of the amazing places to visit in this wonderful nation.

Furthermore, Pelister National Park has a wealth of North Macedonia’s natural beauty, which is well known.

On the other hand, I also suggest seeing Tikves Lake, trekking up Mount Ljuboten, and taking a kayak tour down Matka Canyon. You may visit Matka Canyon and a few other amazing places from Skopje on this full-day sightseeing tour!

Similar to its western neighbor, Albania, North Macedonia is home to the stunning Lake Ohrid, which is among the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe!

5. Slovenia

Slovenia is a little country surrounded by giants; its borders are shared by Italy, Austria, and Hungary. The country is mountainous and forested. Nonetheless, the majority of tourists come here for the coastline; Slovenia, which faces the Adriatic Sea, has many reasonably priced sandy beaches and loads of sunshine.

While summertime brings higher prices for coastal lodging, you can still find affordable options even during the busiest time of year because all beaches are open to the public and free of charge. In late spring, when temperatures are already summery but the crowds of visitors haven’t come, Koper Beach and nearby Mestna Beach, Moon Bay, and the well-known seaside town of Portoroz are all extremely reasonably priced.

Away from the coast, Lake Bled is perhaps the best-known destination. Located just 35 kilometers from the capital city, Ljubljana, the lake is an affordable destination and one of the most stunning sights in the country.

6. Hungary

Hungary comes into play when searching for places in Europe that are budget-friendly.
Hungary is frequently seen as a travel destination that is affordable. Compared to many Western European nations, Hungary has a comparatively low cost of living, so you may find reasonably priced lodging, food, and entertainment.

The capital city of Hungary, Budapest, has a plethora of inexpensive things to do, such as touring historical landmarks, taking use of thermal springs, and savoring delectable Hungarian food without going over budget. Furthermore, Hungary’s affordable and effective public transit system makes it simpler to travel around without breaking the bank.

Outside the capital, things get considerably cheaper. For those seeking year-round outdoor fun, rates are considerably lower in the Bükk Mountains and the lakeside resort town of Tihany.


7. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is among the most affordable travel destinations in Eastern Europe. With a variety of activities available, it’s a great place for all kinds of travelers, from single backpackers to families on vacation. It is also easy for non-native English speakers because to its excellent local transit system and native English speakers.

In Prague, hostels cost roughly $10 per night, while beers in the pubs are usually between $1 and $3. Even if you decide to stay in a somewhat more expensive private hotel room (some decent ones go for almost $20 a night), you can still save a tonne of cash.

Prague’s tourism business has been growing, thanks in part to affordable lodging.

As little as $38 can be spent on some of the greatest walking excursions. If not, take a cheap and cheerful beer tour or explore old dungeons.

The most expensive meals range from $8 to $12. There are also a lot of moderately priced restaurants offering a broad selection of foods that showcase the vibrant culture and cuisine of the area.

The fact that you can have a great time in the Czech Republic while spending very little money encourages you to visit.

8. Slovakia

Despite being the most costly destination in Slovakia, Bratislava is nevertheless a great place to visit if you make use of all the free activities the city has to offer.

Bratislava is home to several public sculptures, ranging from life-size Napoleonic soldiers lounging against benches to bronze craftsmen emerging from sewage holes, in addition to the numerous little galleries dispersed across the entire city. Though it is the capital, Bratislava is rather small and easily explored on foot, with most attractions and must-do activities concentrated in the Old Town center region. If you’re traveling outside the city, trains and buses are reasonably priced and offer excellent comfort.

9. Georgia

One of the most tourist-friendly capital cities in Europe is Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Tbilisi is ideal for travelers on a tight budget because of its abundance of reasonably priced eateries and cafes, free walking tours, and ticketless sites (which include modern art spaces and a fortification from the 4th century).

The city of Tbilisi gets its name from its proximity to natural hot springs; hence, unique paid experiences like a sulfur bath, which is a must-do while visiting, are also reasonably priced. For little than $25 per person, you can enjoy a private luxurious bath.

Inexpensive public transit facilitates simple navigation of Tbilisi. You can get there for less than a dollar by taking the local bus or metro, and a room at a respectable hostel can cost as little as $5 per night.

Budget tourists can survive here for as little as $30 per day, so you can get by on almost nothing as well. Most museums and historic places cost only $2–5 USD, beer is about $3, and groceries for a week run about $25–30 USD.

It is high time you consider Georgia when looking for a fun place to travel without breaking the bank.


Poland is among the nations that are members of the EU but have not yet switched to using the euro as their currency. This indicates that prices are significantly lower than in Western Europe because the native currency, the Polish zloty, is roughly four times less expensive than the Euro.

Warsaw and Krakow are the most well-known cities, but Poland has a lot to offer, so I highly recommend visiting some of its less well-known areas. It’s true that Poland is cheap and has great nightlife, but it also offers beautiful lakes, rolling hills, and intriguing national parks.

While most natural beauties don’t charge entrance, certain national parks do. Tourist attractions can cost $3 for museums and $5 for castles, depending on where they are. You can rely on safe, affordable public transportation in Poland as well as private buses that can take you anywhere in the country for as low as $1 if you reserve in advance!


Depending on where you go and how you choose to spend your money, Greece may be both affordable and expensive. Greece’s mainland is often less expensive than popular islands like Santorini and Mykonos, which may be somewhat pricey, particularly during the busiest travel times.

But even in popular tourist destinations, you may find inexpensive lodging, neighborhood tavernas with reasonably priced Greek food, and reasonably priced public transit.

Choosing local experiences and traveling to lesser-known locations can help you travel on a tighter budget. Overall, with careful planning and budget-conscious choices, Greece can be a reasonably affordable destination for travelers.


I understand that you may have your doubts, but you simply have to go and discover how budget-friendly Portugal is.

Not all Euro nations are made equal, and Portugal is one of the best values in the area as well as one of the tourist favorites. With gorgeous beaches, a wine country that rolls along, breathtaking seaside cliffs, mouthwatering cuisine, friendly inhabitants, and historic cities all at deeply discounted costs, how could I not?

Portugal’s most alluring locations are centered around nature, sunshine, and outdoor activities, which means they’re frequently free. While travelers flock to Madeira for its rough volcanic hiking trails, picturesque harbor, and excellent scuba diving, the Faro District in the country’s south is well-known for its soft golden dunes, cliffs, and lighthouses.

Food and lodging will be the major costs of a trip to Portugal, but traveling outside of the busiest months (June to August) will save a lot of money. The best time to go to find amazing deals is between November and February when costs decrease even further and the temperature stays about 17 to 18 degrees Celsius.

13. Estonia

Prices in Tallinn are higher than in other parts of Estonia, which is not surprising given that the capital city has become a hub for self-employed people and entrepreneurs during the past decade. Fortunately, most tourists visiting Estonia spend no more than a few days in the capital before departing to experience some of the best activities the nation has to offer.

Outside of the capital, Estonia has a lot of affordable places to stay and eat. This is especially the case in Tartu, the country’s second-largest city, which has a thriving music and cultural scene with several free festivals held all year long.

Not many places compare to Estonia for an affordable outdoor vacation, especially considering that over half of the country is covered in woods or other natural settings. In Estonia, accessing and exploring national parks is free of charge. With an area of over 22,000 hectares, Otepää Nature Park is the largest protected area in the country. It has 65 lakes and numerous paths, with the 14-kilometer Lake Pühajärv hiking trail being especially gorgeous.

With up to 12 hours of daylight, March through May and September through October are excellent months to visit. This allows you to spend more time outside exploring on foot. In addition, May and September are substantially less expensive than the summer months while still being warm and enjoyable.

14. Bulgaria

With good reason, Bulgaria frequently leads lists of low-cost European travel destinations. For starters, Bulgaria remains largely undiscovered by tourists except for the visitors that come over in summer for a cheap vacation alongside the Black Sea. Even so, the cost of your travel, lodging, and entertainment will be significantly less than that of Western Europe. Prices are significantly lower in the off-season when you can travel, eat, and go skiing for a tenth of what they would cost in the West.

The countryside in Bulgaria is one of the nicest regions of the country; it offers free or extremely inexpensive admission to castles, towns, and hiking trails (the Central Balkan National Park is the ideal place to hike and see amazing vistas). Although many tourists start their journey in Sofia, smaller cities like Plovdiv, which has over 200 archaeological monuments, are even more affordable to visit.

15. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina offers a significant advantage over other travel locations, despite not being the most affordable country on this list: costs for travel and lodging don’t change much throughout the year. Thus, you may come here in the summer and go rafting on the Neretva River, or you can come here in the winter and enjoy plenty of cheap skiing and Christmas market shopping.

Just a short drive from Sarajevo, the capital city, are several incredibly reasonably priced ski resorts, including Jahorina and Babin Do.

Although there aren’t many pricey restaurants in this area, you can save even more money by only eating traditional and regional fare, which may be obtained at smaller cafés or street vendors. Seek out establishments that serve Đuveč (vegetable stew), Pljeskavica (grilled patties), and Ćevapi (kebabs). Bosnia is also well-known for its farmers’ markets, where you can easily and affordably grab some fruits or pastries for a quick snack.

16. Serbia

There are enough of sights in Serbia to suit every taste. Do you want to attend a cheap summer music festival? The well-known EXIT Festival in Serbia, which takes place in July, is less cheap than Glastonbury and might be just the thing.

Beyond only the music, a journey here offers an experience that makes other festivals pale in comparison. Just a few hours from Belgrade, the bustling city of Novi Sad is dominated by the imposing Petrovaradin fortress. You can spend your days relaxing on the river beaches along the Danube banks, while the fortress is filled with stages and festival places.


17. Croatia

Croatia, which stretches along the Adriatic Sea’s northern shore, is well-known for its breathtaking beaches, towering mountains, medieval towns, and several stunning islands.

Given its natural beauty and abundance of activities, one may assume that Croatia would rank among the most costly nations in Europe. To the surprise and delight of many travelers, however, depending on where you go, it’s actually one of the most reasonably priced.

The majority of visitors go to Split and Dubrovnik, which gained worldwide fame as filming locations for HBO’s Game of Thrones series. These medieval cities were extremely famous all over the world as a result, and hundreds of tourists began to visit. As may be expected, the most visited tourist destinations in Split and Dubrovnik might be pricey; nevertheless, prices drop significantly outside of these areas.

The nation’s capital, Zagreb, for instance, is a relatively cheap city with a hilltop Old Town that can be explored on foot, fantastic restaurants, and numerous museums. Consider exploring the medieval towns of Sibenik, Zadar, and Trogir.

18. Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most fascinating places in Europe to travel to on a tight budget. The city has drawn a significant amount of tourists who go to the nation each year to be enthralled by its captivating beauty for over a decade.

One of the highly recommended cities to explore in Ukraine is Lviv. Located in the west of this vast nation, Lviv is the place to go if you want a taste of Ukraine. It is easily accessible from other Central European cities like Kraków and Budapest.

It is rich in a diversity of Central European influences, encompassing Habsburg and Polish, Catholic, Orthodox, and Armenian, which is reflected in the architecture and imposing churches. Ukraine is frequently included in lists of the least expensive places to travel in Europe. With an increasing number of hipster hostels, charming coffee shops, and unusual bars, this is an incredibly affordable city with a sophisticated edge.

19. Lithuania

Lithuania is not frequently thought of as a destination for travel, even though it is among the most affordable countries in Europe. It is without a doubt one of the most picturesque nations on the continent. once more has a deep and extensive past spanning hundreds of years. with all the gory battles, medieval castles, and folktales you fall in love with from European countries.

In addition to being affordable, it offers something for everyone, with everything from gorgeous beaches to vibrant cities.

I would advise staying in Lithuania for at least a week in order to get the most out of your trip. This implies that you won’t have to hurry, and renting a campervan is an option.

Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, and Aukstaitija National Park are the most visited cities and attractions.
There are a ton of amazing sites to visit in Lithuania, even if not many people are aware of this!

Usually, the first stop is Vilnius, the capital city, where you may visit museums, take a tour of historic castles, and eat some of Lithuania’s delectable food.

But the nation also has many more wonderful cities, like as Klaipeda, Siauliai, and Kaunas. Nida and Palanga are the ideal destinations for a beach vacation on Lithuania’s stunning coastline!

20. Latvia

Previously a component of the former Soviet Russia, Latvia is one of the three Baltic nations. Its capital, Riga, is known for its Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for its medieval architecture. Explore some exquisite examples of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture by getting lost here. With more than 800 homes in this architectural style, Riga is well known for its collection of Art Nouveau structures.

Some of the more intriguing examples of Art Nouveau architecture can be seen on Albert Street, Elizabetes Street, and Antonijas Street. Consider visiting the Kalnciema Quarter, located on the Daugava River’s left bank, if you’ve had enough of the past. This neighborhood is well-known for its free events, which include open-air concerts, art exhibits, monthly farmer markets, and many other activities. Kipsala is another neighborhood worth checking out because of its wooden homes.

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