Are you looking for the best interesting things to do in Cherry Hill, New Jersey? then you have come to the right place. Nestled in the heart of New Jersey, Cherry Hill beckons with its vibrant energy, diverse attractions, and convenient proximity to Philadelphia.

If you’re a history buff seeking colonial charm, a culinary explorer, or a thrill-seeker chasing adrenaline, this dynamic township has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and get ready to discover the hidden gems that make Cherry Hill a delightful weekend destination.

Fun Things to Do in Cherry Hill, NJ

1. Redd’s Run Historic District

Step back in time in this charming district, where 18th-century homes whisper tales of the American Revolution. Marvel at the intricate details and craftsmanship displayed in the facades, ornate windows, and distinctive features of these well-preserved buildings.

Explore the Redman Farmhouse, a living history museum, and immerse yourself in the life of a colonial family.

2. Croft Farm Park

This sprawling park encompasses a 1750s farmhouse, a working gristmill, and lush gardens. The park is known for hosting a variety of festivals and events for different people in the community to come together and bond.

Nowadays, Croft Farm hosts a handful of events, the most popular being their annual Harvest Festival, which features live music, a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, pony rides, different tents filled with items for sale, such as shirts, bags, and food, and a variety of food trucks for people to get a lunch of their choice.

Stroll through the grounds, learn about colonial agriculture, and even participate in seasonal events like harvest festivals and Civil War reenactments.

3. Clementon Park & Splash World

Do you want to enjoy some outdoor time in Cherry Hill? Take a trip to Splash World and Clementon Park. Take a ride on the historic wooden coaster, “The Bullet,” or get soaked on the thrilling water slides at Splash World.

The Park is the ultimate summer adventure destination that ought to be on your list of things to do in Cherry Hill. The park offers plenty to keep guests of all ages captivated.

Dive into the world of amusement park rides, water slides, mouthwatering food, and heart-pounding games!

4. Bury The Hatchet Cherry Hill

Channel your inner lumberjack and unleash your stress at this axe-throwing haven. At Bury the Hatchet, you’ll experience the thrill of launching an axe at a wooden target in a safe and fun environment. You and your best mates will spend 2 hours becoming intimate with a 1.5-pound piece of whirling wood and metal as you learn, practice, and ultimately play in an axe-throwing tournament.

Learn proper technique, unleash your competitive spirit, and enjoy the satisfaction of a bullseye.

5. Have a Picnic at Gregory Dalessio Park

Gregory Dalessio Park is easily located at the intersection of Ivy Lane and Roosevelt.

In honor of the town’s hero, Gregory T. Dalessio, the gem was named for the city. There are picnic tables and a sizable playground in this park.

You and your family are welcome to use the well-shaded surroundings of the picnic tables. There’s no better way to spend quality time with your children than as a family.

There is no better way to keep your kids close for hours than this. Over the years, The Park has proven to be a fantastic location for birthday celebrations.

If you happen to be at Cherry Hill with your family, Gregory Dalessio Park should be on the list of things to do in Cherry Hill with your family.

6. International Sports Center

Enjoy a day of fun and togetherness with your significant other at the International Sports Center. Featuring world-class tennis and racquetball courts as well as 16 lanes for bowling, there’s something to please everyone. Take it up another gear on their thrilling climbing wall or cool off in the unique wave pool experience—perfect for an unforgettable fitness adventure.

International Sports Center offers the perfect athletic escape for couples looking to stay active together. With its wide range of activities, you can find something that’s tailored just right. From intense tennis and racquetball matches on top-notch courts to a daring climb up an action-packed rock wall or even some aquatic fun at their wave pool, there’s no shortage of ways to get your heart beating faster with someone special in tow.

Challenge your friends to a game of laser tag, conquer the rock climbing wall, or test your skills on the go-kart track.

7. The Cherry Hill Art Center

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local art scene at this center. This venue provides a platform for local artists to exhibit their work and offers various art classes, workshops, and events for people of all ages and skill levels.

Browse curated exhibitions, attend artist talks, and participate in interactive workshops.

8. The Ritz Theater

Catch a live performance at this historic theater. From Broadway musicals to comedy shows, The Ritz offers a diverse lineup of entertainment for every taste.

Also offered are holiday shows, special events, a summer theatre camp, dramatic workshops, and outreach programs. Bruce A. Curless is the producing artistic director of The Ritz Theatre Company, Inc.

He is a two-time Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award winner for his children’s show character, Ritzy the Wolf. Ritzy continues to host the Ritz’s Children series throughout the year.

9. Garden State Discovery Museum

The mission of the Garden State Discovery Museum is to promote discovery, education, and lifelong learning for both children and adults. By integrating classroom programs, community outreach with Museum on the Move, teacher workshops, and professional training, the Garden State Discovery Museum is an exceptional educational resource, encouraging discovery and exploration with hands-on fun.

Spark your curiosity at this interactive museum. Explore exhibits on everything from dinosaurs and robots to the human body and the natural world.

10. Visit Cherry Hill Mall

Cherry Hill Mall is South Jersey’s premier shopping destination. Its central location at the intersection of Haddonfield Road and Route 38 makes the exclusive apparel retailer and dining venue easily accessible and hard to miss.

Satisfy shopping needs from luxury and affordable fashion apparel to home furnishings, electronics, cosmetics, and personal care.

Satisfy your cravings at this sprawling mall, home to a diverse array of restaurants. From casual cafes to upscale eateries, you’ll find something to tantalize your taste buds.

11. Visit Evesham Road

Embark on a culinary adventure on this vibrant strip. Sample authentic Italian fare at Trattoria Savoia, savor contemporary American cuisine at The Farm and Fisherman, or grab a quick bite at one of the many cafes and bakeries.

12. The Marketplace at Garden State Park

Market Place and Towne Place at Garden State Park offer the ultimate shopping and dining experiences with over 60 stores, along with the convenience and energy of a bustling downtown.

This open-air market features a variety of food vendors, from fresh produce stands to gourmet food trucks. Enjoy a picnic lunch or grab a tasty treat to fuel your explorations.

13. Stop at Caffe Aldo Lamberti

Are you trying to find somewhere quiet and peaceful? Caffe Aldo Lamberti is the answer to all of these queries. This Italian restaurant has everything one could want.

One of the city’s most talked-about fine dining establishments, Caffe Aldo Lamberti serves a broad variety of cuisine.

You can find a range of Italian cuisines here, from seafood to a private wine cellar complete with an on-site bar.

You can hang out and try out the different spirits and cocktails here with your friends. Therefore, please don’t waste a dull day inside when you can have everything here.

14. Watch a Movie at AMC Cherry Hill 24

One of the top things to do for couples in Cherry Hill, NJ, is to watch a movie at AMC Cherry Hill 24.

One classic date activity that never goes out of style is going to the movies together. Staying at home instead of going to Cherry Hill 24 can get boring, as new movies seem to come out every season.

It is a 93,000-square-foot movie theater with approximately 3810 seats that is also known as Loews Cherry Hill 24.

It’s a great spot to watch a movie with your spouse because of its amenities and location.

If you want to extend the date, the building has small eateries where you can combine this experience with dinner.

15. Paint at Pinot’s Palette

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is home to the well-known paint studio Pinot’s Palette. This is more than just a painting studio. You can paint and have a drink here too.

This is your chance to add some love and brushes to your routine and shake things up as a couple.

It also goes without saying that red wine is the perfect aphrodisiac to pique romance and that art is the embodiment of love.

You and your spouse can explore your creative side by taking advantage of Pinot’s Palette’s paint classes over a bottle.

Consider taking your partner to a paint-and-sip class as the ideal method to reignite your romance.

16. Visit Cherry Hill Public Library

Indeed, learning occurs daily, and one of the most practical and secure places to spend a day is a library.

Due to its exquisite ancient architecture and remarkable historical design, this library has become a popular tourist destination in Cherry Hill.

The Cherry Hill Public Library boasts one of New Jersey’s largest book collections. There are many new books on carefully chosen shelves in addition to many old ones.

It’s comfortable to sit and unwind in the library. In addition, the atmosphere in the library is relaxed. So if you are looking for some peace, visit Cherry Hill Public Library.

17. Spend a Night at Feather Nest Inn

One of Cherry Hill’s most well-liked destinations for a romantic getaway for two is Feather Nest Inn. Several romantic and themed suites are available at the guest inn to accommodate your preferences.

If you are looking for a classier stay, there is a Garden, a Manhattan, and an Oriental-style suite.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time alone with your significant other, free from kids and obligations, is provided by this adult-only inn.

Thus, this location provides an experience unlike any other, whether you are on your honeymoon or not.

This is the spot to eat breakfast while admiring the beautiful view outside the window. Together, the two of you will find enjoyment in this experience.

18. Visit Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery

Undoubtedly, the brewers on the forgotten boardwalk invested their time and inventiveness in the company.

For this reason, the brewery in New Jersey is expanding quickly. There is a wide selection of beers available.

The brewery is a great place for adults who want to enjoy their beer quietly because of its laid-back atmosphere.
This is the perfect spot to sample brews while admiring the beautiful view outside the neighborhood.

19. Dine at Mikado Japanese Restaurant

This location is one of the many Japanese eateries that are renowned for their exquisite ambiance.

Despite its diminutive size, the restaurant’s elegance is evident.

You can eat in or take out from this Japanese restaurant, which serves delicious and authentic Asian cuisine.

Mikado offers affordable Asian jeans that are stylish and appealing.

A peaceful evening can be spent at this sushi and hibachi restaurant.

20. Capital Grille 

Except for strict vegetarians, who don’t like beef? You’ve probably eaten at Capital Grille before.

A long-standing American steakhouse chain, Capital Grille is a classy dining establishment for fans of meat.

This steakhouse is well-known in the area. It’s a restaurant that provides an unmatched fine dining experience.

Tourists and locals alike are frequently advised to expect nothing less than the best possible services at this location.

If you’re a fan of beef, the Capital Grille should be on your itinerary of things to do in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cherry Hill

What is Cherry Hill known for?

Cherry Hill is known for its vibrant community, excellent schools, and diverse range of shopping and dining options. It’s also recognized for its parks and recreational facilities.

What are some popular attractions in Cherry Hill?

Some popular attractions include the Cherry Hill Mall, the Garden State Discovery Museum, the Croft Farm Arts Center, and the Barclay Farmstead Museum.

How’s the education system in Cherry Hill?

Cherry Hill boasts a strong education system with highly-rated public schools, providing quality education from elementary to high school levels. There are also private school options available.

What outdoor activities are available in Cherry Hill?

Residents and visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking in the town’s parks like Challenge Grove Park, Croft Farm, and Cooper River Park.

Are there good shopping and dining options in Cherry Hill?

Yes, Cherry Hill offers a wide array of shopping centers, boutique shops, and restaurants, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

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