Almost everyone has a wish to travel out of their comfort zone, not just to start a new life out of their zone but to explore, unwind, and probably go back. But in some cases, lots of people have this wish but can’t embark on it, and if you ask them what is holding them back from traveling, you’ll always get the answer “Money”.

Traveling is supposed to be a right for everyone. That’s why I’m going to address the money problem and share with you the best way to travel on a low budget.

Traveling will reveal to you that the world did not just end in your zone, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Gustave Flaubert. Also, traveling will help you understand that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Saint Augustine

Traveling is entertaining, helpful, and sometimes even essential for a variety of reasons. It refreshes you, pushes you to socialize, teaches you new abilities, and leaves you with unforgettable memories. Isn’t it wonderful if everyone has that right?
Flight, lodging, visas, food, transportation, and communication are all areas where early planning can cut expenses. I’ll give you a ton of helpful advice on how to take inexpensive trips.

best ways to travel on a low budget

1. Cheap Flight

As a budget traveler, you have to stay up to date with the latest flight trends. There are various flight comparison sites you can use to find the cheapest options. I recommend Skyscanner.

You don’t have to spend all your money on the flight because you want to visit a particular place, so there is always a discount, promo code, or cashback available, all you need is a little research to have it.

You can use all these sites and App to find cheap flights to any location you plan to visit:

  • Skyscanner Search Engine
  • Scott’s Cheap Flights
  • Budget Airlines
  • Google Flights Search Engine
  • Travel Carry-On Only
  • Hopper Moblie App

All these App and websites offer similar things when looking for cheap flights or discounts. Never let the cost of flight hinder your ambitions of traveling to any country you wish.

2. Avoid traveling during the Peak Season

As a budget traveler, you don’t have to travel when everybody is visiting the same time, e.g. If people are visiting Puerto Rico during the December period, you can choose to visit yours during Match.

Peak season is when demand is at its highest. The travel sector raises the cost of different services, goods, and activities during the busiest times of the year and during school breaks. They primarily go after people who are limited to traveling during this time. To avoid the exorbitant prices, it is best to leave the target group.

With fewer people traveling through the airport and shorter waits at the booking offices, you will have more time to enjoy your holiday.

Yes, the feeling might not be the same due to the fact that the peak season offers something different but the important thing is that you have a wonderful time with your budget. “Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.” Paulo Coelho.


3. Book in advance

There is always an advantage to booking your airline, hostel, hotel, or whatever else you may want to do in advance. Your dream trip could be lost in a last-minute hurry, or your holiday might have to be extended for a few extra days even though you are running low on money. To prevent such situations, it is best to reserve your travel dates well in advance for your flights, especially return flights, lodging, transportation, and other services you plan to utilize while traveling.

Booking flights weeks or months in advance, for instance, typically results in a discount from the airline. Additionally, by avoiding the expensive transaction fees and exchange rates connected with peak seasons, you also get to save money.

4. Use public transportation

Using public transportation is one of the safest ways to cut exorbitant spending on your vacation.  Public transport is always cheaper than having a taxi or personal ride take you around the city or your destination.

5. Cook Your Own Meals

One of the best ways for budget travelers to cut excessive spending on vacation is to cook their own meals in their hostel, or campsite.

Make sure the hostel you are staying at has a kitchen so you can prepare meals. Whether you’re booking through Airbnb or Couchsurfing, your host most likely has a kitchen.

Not even a kitchen? Take along a container and cutlery so you can quickly prepare salads and sandwiches. Surely not every meal calls for a stove? It’s not necessary to eat out every meal when you’re traveling. There’s just no good reason to load up on expensive meals while traveling!

6. Choose an Accommodation

As a budget traveler, you have to make sure that everything that you’re doing favors your budget, you don’t necessary need hotels, AirBnb, guesthouses, or eco-lodges in other to enjoy your vacation.

Choosing a hostel, campsite, or apartment is a cheaper alternative. If your family is large, an apartment can be a smart option. However, hostels are available nearby if you are traveling in a smaller group and plan to remain for a short while.

Most of the time, renting an apartment, camping, or staying in a hostel is less expensive than booking a hotel room.

Camping can be expensive, depending on the one that you visit, but I can assure you that it is far better than a hotel in terms of spending.

You can use Hostelworld to find the best hostel suitable for you, you can use Campendium to find the perfect campsite that suits you.


7. Choose the right Bank

There are several uses for different kinds of banks. The right type of bank account can make all the difference when it comes to planning and enjoying your travels. The last thing you want to happen to your vacation plans is unforeseen costs or limited access to banking services.

As a budget traveler, you need to choose the right bank to ease your stress while traveling to avoid exorbitant expenditures or lack of access.

Looking for a bank that will not disappoint you on your trip? Choose Wise. Wise, formerly known as Transferwise, is one of the most well-known brands in international banking and fintech worldwide. With the ability to save money in more than 50 currencies, Wise is the financial product that most closely resembles a truly worldwide service, which is why it deserves special recognition.

Don’t just take my word for it; do some research on banks that are affordable to utilize outside of your state.

8. Use Train

Trains are one of the best ways to cut cost on transportation. Local trains are usually the best option when traveling to and from large cities and other nearby locations. For this reason, if you want to go on day trips while you’re in a city, regional trains are ideal choices.

When I refer to taking a train, I mean an interstate train, such as one that goes from Manchester to London.

9. Avoid too much Luggage

When it comes to budget travel advice, it’s important to keep in mind that carrying less luggage means paying less for it. Extra charges are applied by airports on large and overweight bags. These expenses may pile up to the point that your vacation budget becomes unmanageable. Sort your clothes into layers and just bring what you’ll need. Make sure your luggage is light enough to carry along with you, if at all possible. This aids in preventing situations where luggage is inadvertently left behind.

Traveling light not only saves you money but also facilitates easier movement and speedier navigation in crowded areas like train stations.

10. Eat local food

Eating local food is recommended for every budget traveler. You just visit a city and start eating out in a restaurant because you heard about the food or a friend recommended it for you. The cuisines can be so alluring that you end up losing track of how much you have left.

Eating local food is the key to minimizing costs and still enjoying the culinary experiences of many cuisines.You can eat out if you trust your budget tho.

Go outside the tourist area and into the restaurants that are not located in the city centers. The restaurants offer less priced food in a refreshing setting. Get suggestions for the greatest restaurants in the area from locals, such as bartenders and commuters.

11. Travel as a Worldpackers volunteer

You should really think about volunteering if you want to travel with unique, immersing experiences in addition to financial savings.

Worldpackers is an excellent place to start, offering a wide range of global initiatives where you can volunteer your services in return for quality, free lodging.

Additionally, the WP team is qualified to assist you and your host in having a safe and enjoyable vacation. Your travel goals and your skill set will determine what kind of volunteer work you would like to conduct.

Travel options can vary; for example, if you enjoy working with animals and the environment, you can volunteer on a farm, in an ecovillage, or on a permaculture project. If you like to go out, you can work exchange of hostel and meet plenty of new people.

Additionally, you can assist with social impact projects by volunteering in great locations across the world at a community, school, or non-profit organization.


12. Use Tax-Free

Tax-free refers to the return of the value added to goods that you have bought abroad. This means that when you trade, you can keep your receipts, complete a form, and receive a portion of the money you paid on your way back to the airport. Before you go, make sure the country you are visiting has tax-free policies in place.

This is all I can tell you about the best ways to travel on a low budget, HAPPY VACATION

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