Looking for a memorable travel experience? Welcome to Westport, a beautiful coastal town in Washington. Westport, Washington, is a great place to take the family for a bargain-priced holiday all year round that is near Seattle and Tacoma.

Westport is a city full of beautiful beaches, bustling marinas, delicious seafood, and a vibrant local lifestyle. Since Westport is all about the ocean, it’s the perfect place to go to the beach, go fishing, go surfing, or just relax and take in the view.
This town on the Washington coast has something for everyone, whether you enjoy outdoor activities, being in nature, or just lounging on the beach.

Discover the stunning scenery, delectable seafood, and laid-back atmosphere that make Westport, Washington, a unique travel destination.

Prepare yourself for an amazing journey as we list the best entertaining things to do in Westport, WA.

things to do in Westport, Washington

1. Go Fishing at the Westport Jetty

Westport Jetty is one of the greatest locations to explore in Westport, Washington. This area has two jetties, one to the north and one to the south.

The two jetties in Westport create a natural waterway and a secure entry to Grays Harbor when the tide is out.

Completed in 1902, the south jetty is more than 17,000 feet long.

The second jetty, located on the Ocean Shores side of the harbor entrance, was constructed in 1910.

This jetty protected the Westport jetty from severe erosion that would have otherwise destroyed it. The Westport Jetties is a great place to fish, watch the waves, or enjoy the view.

Several charter boats provide fishing services outside of Westport. Along with them, you can go salmon, bottom fish, halibut, and tuna fishing.

You can go to a popular location on the jetty for crabbing. Storms make the waves bigger and more visually stunning, but when the waves smash into the jetty, stay away from the area.

Address: Westport, WA 98595, USA

2. Westport Light State Park

Situated on 560 acres, Westport Light State Park offers breathtaking views of Half Moon Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Washington’s tallest lighthouse is not far from the historic Grays Harbor Light.

Westport Light State Park was established in 2016 when the city merged the former Westhaven State Park with an additional 270 acres that were intended to be a golf course.

At Westport Light State Park, activities include hiking, beachcombing, fishing, and bird watching.

You can easily get to the city of Westport, with its harbor, maritime history museum, and other attractions, from this park. You can even drive around the entire park, thanks to its paved route.

Never forget to come with your camera.

Address: 1595 W Ocean Ave, Westport, WA 98595, USA

3. Explore The Westport Maritime Museum

Situated on the historic Coast Guard station, which dates back to 1939, is the Westport Maritime Museum. The Westport Nautical Museum seeks to educate locals and tourists alike about the nautical history of Grays Harbor and the surrounding regions.

Throughout the year, the museum hosts events, educational programs, and exhibits.

Within the museum, visitors can explore a diverse collection of exhibits that delve into the extensive history of shipbuilding, fishing, and logging in the Grays Harbor area. Some exhibits are about South Beach’s maritime history, the Coast Guard, the Grays Harbor Light Station, and the whaling industry.

The displays also highlight the significance of the local Native American tribes and elaborate on the crucial role played by the Coast Guard in the region.

If you’re a lover of history, the Westport Maritime Museum should be one of the top places on your list of things to do in Westport, Washington.

Address: 2201 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, USA

4. Visit Twin Harbors State Park

Twin Harbors State Park is a camping area on the Pacific coast with four miles of ocean beaches.

More than 80 campsites, two group camps, three cabins, and five RV sites with connections are available at the state park.

It is one of the greatest locations to camp on the Washington coast, overlooking the enormous Pacific Ocean, because of the breathtaking sunsets and rugged shoreline.

Hiking, beachcombing, fishing, and birdwatching are a few of the activities available at Twin Harbors State Park.

Twin Harbors State Park has campsites that are accessible year-round! Dogs are allowed in parks, but not on beaches that are dedicated to swimming.

Address: 3120 WA-105, Westport, WA 98595, USA

5. Westport Aquarium

With an impressive collection of aquatic creatures on display, the Westport Aquarium is a must-see destination in Westport. One of the top activities in Westport, Washington, is to visit this aquarium. Constructed in 1955, Westport Aquarium stands as one of the only sizable aquariums on the West Coast run by families.

If you’re the kind that likes sea creatures, the Westport Aquarium should make up your list of things to do in Westport.

Support, donations, and aquarium admission fees are the only sources of funding for this non-profit organization.

Since 1855, the Westport Aquarium has received an abundance of fish for display from nearby charter and commercial fishermen. Throughout the aquarium, octopuses, starfish, rays, sharks, and eels are the most common aquatic animals.

Address: 321 E Harbor St, Westport, WA 98595, USA

6. Go On A Whale Watching Tour

For those who enjoy the outdoors, whale watching in Westport is a well-liked and thrilling sport. Westport, which is on Washington State’s coast, provides a singular chance to see the majesty of marine life—including whales—in their native environment.

Each year, the stunning California gray whales can be seen off the coast of Washington in March, April, and May. Thousands of people come to see their northern journey, which begins in Baja California and ends in the Chukchi and Bering Seas, where they eat in the Arctic.

Every year, some 23,000 whales take part in this voyage. These magnificent animals carry out play and feeding activities while migrating.

Address: 2601 Westhaven Dr. Westport, WA 98595

7. Enjoy the View at the Westport Viewing Tower

Rising to a height of 68 feet, the Westport Viewing Tower provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, Westport Harbor, and the surrounding landscape. Located at the end of Westport, Washington’s major shopping district, it offers a noticeable viewpoint for tourists.

A 360-degree perspective of the surroundings and your alternatives for amusement is provided by the Westport Viewing Tower.

You may even make out the Olympic Range in the distance to the north on a clear day. Take a pause and grab food at the Westport Viewing Tower; there are picnic tables available.

Address: Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, USA

8. Explore Westhaven State Park

Are you trying to find a quiet spot where you can relax and take in the beauty of nature? Westhaven State Park has you covered, so there’s no need to search further.

Perched atop a peninsula jutting into Grays Harbor is Westhaven State Park. It offers fantastic views of the Olympic Mountains and the waterfront.

There is a boardwalk, picnic tables, and a small beach area at Westhaven State Park. Bald eagles and ospreys can be seen in the area, and the park is a great place to go birdwatching.

The park is available for visits throughout the year. However, summer is the ideal time to visit it.

Address: Westport, WA 98595, USA

9. Watch Waves at the Half Moon Bay

During the winter months, when the waves are at their largest, Half Moon Bay is a surfer’s paradise.

The best waves on the Washington coast are produced by the funnel effect created by the two headlands that sandwich Half Moon Bay. The waves can reach a height of twenty feet during high tide.

Half Moon Bay is a serene and lovely spot to unwind and take in the splendor of the Washington coast.

For younger children and pets seeking a more secluded beach location and a respite from the sea, Half Moon Bay is an ideal choice.

Going beachcombing in Half Moon Bay is highly recommended; you can probably find agates, shells, and other rocks there.

Address: Parking lot, Westport, WA 98595, USA

10. The LOGE Westport

Situated directly on the waterfront, The LOGE Westport is one of the most well-known lodging options in Westport.

Adjacent to the hotel is a beach that’s ideal for lounging, swimming, and sunbathing. If you would like to stay in a hotel, a tent, or a campervan, LOGE Westport is also the best option.

You don’t have to worry about leaving your furry friend at home because you can bring your pets along as well.

You’ll be amused by several local activities, like hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking.

With some of the greatest waves in the area, LOGE Westport is the ideal location for surfing instruction.

The LOGE is a good spot to look for lodging in Westport.

Address: Parking lot, Westport, WA 98595, USA

11. Explore Seashore Conservation Area State Park

Future generations can now enjoy recreational possibilities on Washington’s coast thanks to the establishment of the Seashore Conservation Area State Park in 1967.

A remnant of the country’s once-pristine seashores is Seashore Conservation Area State Park.

The northern coastline of Washington State is where you may locate it.
Just seven minutes away from Westport.
Between Cape Disappointment, Willapa Bay, and Damon Point, 62 miles of the state’s coastline are included in the Seashore Conservation Area State Park.

This beach is mostly made up of national parks or tribal territory. The area is well-known for its windy, wooded, and unpopulated seashore.

Numerous species of birds, animals, and plants can be found in the Seashore Conservation Area State Park.

It’s possible to spot creatures including sea lions, mink, osprey, river otters, peregrine falcons, and bald eagles. The ocean is also home to a variety of fish species, including salmon, tuna, flounder, halibut, and herring.

You can find many different shells on the beach, agates, and other rocks.

Address: Westport, Washington, USA

12. Go Birdwatching at Bottle Beach State Park

During the spring, over a million migratory shorebirds and seabirds call Bottle Beach State Park on the Southern Grays Harbor tide flats home.

This park is nine minutes from Westport in Aberdeen, Washington.

The ADA-accessible trail at Bottle Beach State Park has been designated as a Washington State Birding Trail by the Audubon Society.

More than 130 bird species, including raptors, have been seen descending at Bottle Beach State Park in search of a quick meal, according to birdwatchers.

When the water recedes and the sand flats are exposed during low tide, it is the ideal time to go birdwatching.

The birds usually gather on the nearby jetty at high tide.

There are many different kinds of plants on Bottle Beach, such as pickleweed, sea grass, and eelgrass.

Address: 33 Ocosta Third St, Aberdeen, WA 98520, USA

13. Embark on Fishing Charter

Westport, Washington, is a picturesque town with great fishing along its beach. For fishermen, the area is a top choice as it has a wide variety of fish species. In Westport, salmon, halibut, tuna, and rockfish are among the most sought-after catches. Here are a few of Westport’s best fishing charters:

Westport Sea Charters: This company provides a range of charters, including rockfish, halibut, salmon, and tuna, just like the others. They have a fleet of boats to suit various group sizes.

Westport Charters: This company offers a variety of charters, such as rockfish, halibut, salmon, and tuna. With their varied fleet of boats, you can choose the right one for the size of your party.

Address: 2411 Westhaven Dr PO Box 466, Westport, WA 98595.

14. Attend The Westport Seafood Festival

For those who enjoy seafood and are visiting Westport, Washington, should not miss the Westport Seafood Festival. This two-day annual celebration, held in September, highlights the town’s marine history and features an array of delicious and fresh seafood.

Savor a variety of seafood dishes, such as fish and chips, clam chowder, and crab cakes and oysters. There are plenty of non-seafood options available to satisfy everyone in your group.
Take advantage of some shopping therapy and peruse the many craft booths featuring uniquely designed apparel, jewelry, and artwork.

Take in the festival vibe all day long with live music from nearby musicians.
With promises of an unforgettable day, this two-day festival shouldn’t be missed for anything.

Address: 2210 Westhaven Drive, Westport, WA. 98595.

15. Bottle Beach State Park

During the spring migration season, over a million migratory shorebirds and seabirds call Bottle Beach State Park home. Situated around nine minutes from Westport, WA, it is situated on the tide flats of Southern Grays Harbor near Aberdeen, WA.

The Washington State Birding Trail, officially designated as such by the Audubon Society, is an ADA-accessible trail located in Bottle Beach Park.

At Bottle Beach State Park, raptors and more than 130 species of birds have been seen landing nearby for a short lunch.

Low tide is the best time to go birdwatching since the water recedes and exposes the sand flats. The nearby jetty is where the flying animals congregate during high tide.

Address: 33 Ocosta Third St, Aberdeen, WA 98520, United States

16. High Life Charter Fishing

Fishing for lingcod, salmon, halibut, and rockfish is the sole mission of High Life Charter.

Powered by a contemporary dual Yamaha 300 outboard, they operate a 32-inch aluminum charter boat for six people named “HIGH LIFE.”

The charter boat is equipped with top-notch equipment, a USCG certification, seating for six people inside, an inflatable life raft for your comfort and protection, and welded aluminum railings.

Bring warm clothing, rain gear, rubber boots, and a cooler to transport your catch home; however, since a bag will be given, the cooler needs to be kept in the car. Only preserving your catch is the purpose of the cooler.

Address: Westport, Washington, United States

17. Granny Hazel’s Candy and Gifts

Buying gifts for family and friends is one of the things to do in Westport, Washington. You’ll find a lot of interesting things at Granny Hazel’s Candy and Gifts, a well-known gift shop in Westport, Washington.

Visit it during your tour to peruse its amazing assortment of candies, presents, fudge, and much more. It has been a tourist favorite since 1962.

The sweets and gift shop offers a great assortment of high-quality goods and entertaining toys. It contains three roomy chambers with an extensive assortment of candies. There are also T-shirts available.

You can also buy special things to give to your loved ones as Christmas or birthday presents. Their staff is excellent and always willing to assist you in finding the right piece.

Address: 2329 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, United States

18. The Tornado Fishing Charters

The Tornado has a beautiful history that dates back to Marysville, Washington, in 1969. Following its building at the Westport Shipyard, Ed Basel took it on excursions outside of the city.

After a few years of travel in Monterey, California, the boat was returned to Westport by its new owners. The ship has been through numerous maintenance procedures, upgrades, and repairs to become a well-equipped vintage charter yacht.

When this charter serves as your captain, you are in capable hands. With almost a decade of experience organizing fishing excursions for visitors, Dwight Sawin possesses extensive fishing knowledge.

Address: 2511 Westhaven Dr Float 12, Westport, WA 98595, USA

19. Westport Seabird Tour

The open ocean is symbolized by the term pelagic. It is typically applied to waters that are farther out, near the end of the continental shelf, and 25 miles or more offshore. Take a pelagic excursion with the Westport Seabird excursion if you are an avid birdwatcher.

The best way to access these pelagic waters is via a birding charter. Sport fishing charters travel far out to sea, where you can see albatrosses, aquatic creatures, and storm petrels.

On the West Coast, a plethora of providers provide pelagic tours. Among these is the Westport Seabirds, which runs tours every weekend at the height of migration from April through October.

Additionally, their team is well-informed, amiable, and skilled spotters. For those seeking a fantastic pelagic trip experience in Westport, Washington, the West Seabird trip is a highly recommended option.

Address: 2455 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, United States

20. BigFoot Surf School

You should give surfing a try if you’re searching for something more daring to do. The BigFoot Surf School has everything you need to have an amazing surfing experience, so that would be the perfect place to go.

Their commitment rests in offering a surfing experience that lives up to the standards of the local community and developing you, your friends, and your families into proficient surfers.

With forty years of surfing experience, Westport BigFoot Surf School is well-equipped to help you, regardless of your surfing ability. There are options for both group and private instruction.

Address: Westport, Washington, United States

frequently asked questions about Westport

What is Westport known for? Westport is known for its picturesque coastal location, and fishing opportunities, and as a popular destination for surfers and beach enthusiasts.

Are there any beaches in Westport? Yes, Westport boasts sandy beaches, including Westport Light State Park Beach and Grayland Beach State Park, offering opportunities for beachcombing, picnicking, and water activities.

Can I go fishing in Westport? Absolutely! Westport is a renowned fishing destination, known for its charter fishing trips. Visitors can catch salmon, halibut, and bottom fish, making it a haven for anglers.

What is the weather like in Westport? Westport experiences a coastal climate with mild temperatures. Winters are cool and wet, while summers are generally mild and pleasant. Fog is not uncommon due to its coastal location.

Are there whale-watching opportunities in Westport? Yes, Westport offers whale-watching excursions, particularly for gray whales, orcas, and humpback whales. Whale watching is a popular activity during the migration seasons.

What seafood options are available in Westport? Being a coastal town, Westport is known for its fresh seafood. Visitors can enjoy locally caught fish, crab, and clams in various restaurants and seafood markets.

Are there surfing opportunities in Westport? Yes, Westport is known for its surf breaks, attracting surfers from the region. The area offers both beginner-friendly and challenging waves for surfing enthusiasts.

Is there camping available near Westport? Yes, there are camping options near Westport, including campgrounds at Grayland Beach State Park and Twin Harbors Beach State Park, providing a scenic outdoor experience.

What events or festivals happen in Westport throughout the year? Westport hosts events such as the Westport Maritime Museum Crab Feed, the Annual Seafood Festival, and fishing derbies, adding a festive atmosphere to the community.

Can I visit the Westport Maritime Museum? Yes, the Westport Maritime Museum showcases the town’s maritime history, featuring exhibits on fishing, shipwrecks, and the local fishing industry.

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