Are you planning a trip to Perrysburg, Ohio, and you’re wondering what to do to keep yourself entertained all through your trip? This is for you.

Located in Wood County, this fascinating city is a top destination to head to, as it has a vast number of entertaining things that every tourist will appreciate.

The city bears Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s name, a hero of the Battle of Lake Erie and a naval commander during the War of 1812.

This legendary city is the second-largest city in Wood County and a part of the Toledo Metropolitan Area.

It is good to stay up-to-date on the latest fun attractions in Perrysburg, as the city promises a thrilling fun experience for both locals and visitors alike.

For your perfect vacation experience, here is a list of fun things to do in Perrysburg, Ohio, that will make your trip memorable.

Best Things to do in Perrysburg, Ohio

1. Riverside Park

Begin your journey of exploration in Perrysburg with a visit to Riverside Park. Located on the Maumee River banks, Riverside Park has elevated grounds that offer stunning views of the river and the opposite shores.

In 1915, a donation was made to the city for this wonderful park. The USS Constitution Cannons are two of the park’s best-known additions. The park also received the cannon addition in 1934.

Riverside Park is known for its lovely plants, peaceful environs, riverfront benches, and pathways that are adorned and paved. There is a play swing at the park as well.

With friends, family, and loved ones, Riverside Park in Perrysburg, Ohio, is a wonderful spot to spend time.

Address: 245 W Front St, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551, United States.

2. Visit the Perrysburg Farmers Market

Are you a fan of fresh fruit, handmade crafts, or baked products? A visit to the Perrysburg farmers market will surely inspire your trip to Perrysburg.

Located in Perrysburg’s downtown, the market is open every Thursday from 3 to 8 p.m.

Numerous vendors offering locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as handmade breads, jams, and other baked items, may be found at the market.

Along with artisanal goods like candles and soaps, you can also discover handcrafted items.

The market is a fantastic way to experience the lively environment of Perrysburg’s downtown while supporting regional farmers and craftspeople. A stop at this market will surely be a good way to start your journey in Perrysburg.

Address: Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

3. Visit Maumee River

Would you like to encounter watersport activities? Greetings from the Maumee River, where the endless pleasures of outdoor recreation combine with the grandeur of the natural world.

This river originates in Indiana and travels through Perrysburg before entering Lake Erie.

The Maumee River is the city’s most famous attraction and resource. It provides the town and the surrounding areas with the majority of their irrigation needs. This river is an ideal location for fishing as well. Some of the fish that can be found here are catfish, smallmouth bass, carp, and yellow perch.

This river has a long and significant history because military and historical buildings like Fort Meigs are well situated along its banks. Visitors can enjoy water-based activities at the Maumee River.

Some popular activities performed on this river include kayaking, boating, and canoeing. Visitors may get to see various wildlife in the river.

Address: Maumee River, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551, United States.

4. Visit the Memorial at Hood Park

Hood Park is only one of the several riverfront parks in Perrysburg. Being one of the newest parks in the community, everything still appears to be brand new and in outstanding shape.

The statue of Oliver Hazard Perry, which stands tall and is erect upon a cream-colored pedestal, is the destination’s most notable feature.

This memorial honors the courageous warriors of the nation who gave their lives in previous battles.

There are plenty of seats and grassy areas with views of the Maumee River and neighboring Audobon Island for anyone who would like to spend a few hours taking in the beauty.

For those who wish to get closer to the riverbed, there is even a flight of stairs.

Enjoy the breathtaking dusk that transforms the sky into a rainbow of colors as the day gives way to night. Hood Park, each second is a postcard-commendable memory ready to be made.

Address: 105 West Front Street, Perrysburg, Ohio43551

5. Explore the Fort Meigs Historic Site

A key location in the War of 1812 was Fort Meigs, a National Historic Site.

Visitors can explore the fort and learn about its history through exhibits and guided tours.

During the war, the fort, which was constructed in 1813, saw two significant fights.

Today, guests can explore the ancient earthworks of the fort and discover what it was like for soldiers to live during the conflict.

The site also features a museum with artifacts and exhibits related to the War of 1812.

Whether you long for thrilling experiences or the discovery of history, the Fort Meigs Historic Site guarantees a remarkable getaway where the wild excellence of Ohio is standing by.

Address: 29100 W River Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

6. Lewis Commons 12

Lewis Commons 12 is an indoor entertainment complex located in Perrysburg. This location provides a reprieve or a change of pace from outdoor pursuits.

In the neighborhood, Lewis Commons 12 is a reputable theater. This location offers a wide selection of films from Hollywood and Bollywood, among other genres.

Lewis Commons 12 offers cozy seating, delectable refreshments, and ten big HD displays. Spending time at this theater with loved ones, family, and friends is highly recommended.

There is also a distinctive, cozy self-serve ticket booth at the theater. The crew at the Lewis Commons 12 theatre is friendly, and the seats are clean and hygienic.

Address: 2005 Hollenbeck Dr, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551, United States.

7. Watch a Skit at Funny Bone Comedy Club

Are you up for something funny? Make a stop at Bone Comedy Club, a thrilling place to laugh out your worries.

If you need a good laugh, this Perrysburg tradition is the place to go.

See hilarious skits, stand-ups, improvs, and scripted performances by gifted comedians from around the globe that will have you laughing uncontrollably.

The acts are perfectly complemented by the Southern-style food and drink, and the cabaret-style decor contributes to the whole experience.

That being said, Funny Bone Comedy Club is a terrific location to go to forget about your problems, even if they’re only for a few hours.

Address: 6140 Levis Commons Blvd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

8. Stroll through Side Cut Metropark

Side Cut Metropark is a lovely park with picnic spaces, hiking trails, and breathtaking views of the Maumee River.

It’s the ideal location for a leisurely afternoon. Numerous hiking routes wind through forests and beside rivers throughout the park, providing breathtaking views of the surroundings.

There are also several picnic areas and playgrounds for families to enjoy. In the summer, visitors can rent kayaks and canoes to explore the river.

Address: 1025 W River Rd, Maumee, OH 43537, USA

9. Visit W. W. Knight Nature Preserve

W. W. Knight Nature Preserve is another well-liked location in Perrysburg. It’s a regional park with a tranquil atmosphere.

The family of William Windus Knight donated this 44-acre property, which offers a variety of habitats in a rather compact area.

Walking the beautiful trails that encircle the park will show you residual swamp woodlands, native prairie, and wetlands.

These are home to small creatures, insects, and birds; you may even see some of them scuttling through the undergrowth.

Bring your children to the sensory gardens and nature playscape, where they can interact with the local wildlife and learn about it.

The family can enjoy a game of fishing on the small pond’s shores.

You can enroll in the Paddle the Pond class on Mondays during the summer to learn the fundamentals of paddle sports safety.

Address: 29530 White Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

10. Have a Day out and have fun at Orleans Park

One option if you’re not ready to enter the Maumee River is to go to one of Perrysburg’s many riverbank parks.

Orleans Park is a family-friendly outdoor attraction that is a wonderful place to visit.

There are lots of parking places, broad, open areas, picnic tables, and walking pathways that lead to the best lookouts in the region.

You can even easily visit the second place by connecting to Fort Meigs Historic Site by one of these paths.

There are launches for jet skis, canoes, and kayaks that make it simple to enter the Maumee River for individuals who intend to go swimming.

Additionally, the park’s modest hill transforms into a slop for activities involving snow, such as sledding, throughout the winter.

Whatever the season, Orleans Park offers a truly wonderful place to experience outdoor fun in abundance.

Address: 655 Maumee Western Reserve Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

11. Tour Around the Spafford House Museum

The Spafford House Museum is a historic home that has been restored to its original 19th-century look.

The mansion is open for guided tours, during which guests can discover more about its past and the residents who called it home.

The house was built in 1835 and was home to several prominent Perrysburg families over the years.

Today, visitors can see the house’s original furnishings and decor, as well as learn about the daily lives of the families who lived there.

Address: 27340 W River Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

12. Buttonwood Park and Betty C. Black Recreational Area

Among Perrysburg’s Riverside parks, Buttonwood Park and Betty C. Black Recreational Area are regarded as the roughest. For those who enjoy the outdoors and are resilient, this leisure area makes an ideal campground. But instead of running water and power, it provides a getaway from contemporary life and technology.

It’s also a popular spot for picnics and outdoor activities. The park features several fishing piers and access points to the river, as well as picnic areas and playgrounds.

Visitors are encouraged to engage in common but enjoyable activities like fishing at Button Wood Park and Betty C. Black Recreational Area.

Since the shallow portion of the area is ideal for catching freshwater fish, fishing is a popular sport here.

Address: 27174 Hull Prairie Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

13. Visit 577 Foundation

A 12-acre tract known as 577 Foundation was once farmed before Virginia Secor Stranahan, who loved gardening and agriculture, turned it into a conservancy.

She intended to protect the different Perrysburg ecosystems that were on her land.

She also invited locals to explore the grounds’ many charms when she opened them to the public to raise awareness of these significant natural features.

You are welcome to stroll among the throng as you explore the conservation’s buildings and structures.

Among these exhibits, the Geodesic Biodome is the most well-known. It is a creative greenhouse that grows vegetables, flowers, and herbs year-round.

The community gardens are a great place for anybody who wants to get their hands dirty and learn how to cultivate.

The River Walk is a lovely trail that runs parallel to the Maumee River’s banks and is surrounded by fruit trees.

Make sure to stop by Koi Pond, Bird Blind, and Honey Bee Hives if you want to see or touch animals.

Address: 577 E Front St, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

14. Attend a Show at the Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra

The Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra that performs a variety of classical and contemporary music.

Throughout the year, they host several concerts, some of which are outside in the summer.

Local musicians who are enthusiastic about introducing music to the Perrysburg community make up the orchestra.

The Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra offers a wide variety of musical styles to suit all tastes, including fans of modern and classical music.

If you’re a fan of any music genre who happens to be in Perrysburg, Ohio, the Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra is the ideal location to be.

Address: Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra, P.O. Box 575, Perrysburg, Ohio 43552.

15. Play golf at Perry Falls Mini Golf

Unlike traditional golf courses, Perry Falls Mini Golf is an 18-hole putter circuit that provides a unique kind of enjoyment. It’s a lively little recreational center where people can play golf in a more intimate setting.

The par-40 mini-golf course has several water hazards, landscaped areas, and artificial greens.

A tiny waterfall, ponds, streams, and fountains would all be there to obstruct your play.

However, they provide an already lovely course with a further dimension of beauty, providing for visually stunning gaming.

Everyone is welcome to participate and have fun here; skill levels are not required!

Address: 24750 N Dixie Hwy. Perrysburg, OH 43551


16. Go to a cooking class at the Kitchen Design Studio

Cooking classes are available at The Kitchen Design Studio for all skill levels. You’re sure to learn something tasty and new, regardless of your level of cooking expertise.

Learning how to cook is one of the best professions in the world, and you can boast of being perfect after taking a series of classes from The Kitchen Design Studio.

Professional chefs instruct the classes, which cover a wide range of cuisines and cooking methods.

Along with private lessons for parties and groups, they also provide classes for kids and teenagers.

A fun place to learn new cooking techniques is the Kitchen Design Studio.

Address: 125 E Indiana Ave. Perrysburg, OH 43551.

17. Explore J.C. Reuthinger Memorial Preserve

Perrysburg’s J.C. Reuthinger Memorial Preserve is a plant reserve. The stewardship department, the Wood County Park District greenhouses, and the Native Plant Reserve are housed there.

An enormous assortment of both cultivated and scatted natural flora can be found in this preserve.

Every year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, native plants are for sale. There is also a lot of flora strewn around the area and in different preserves. This preserve also has quail, butterflies, and bees.

Address: 30730 Oregon Rd., Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States.

18. Relax your Mind and Body at True Rest Float Spa

2009 saw the introduction of the first True Rest Float Spa.

The company’s founders, Nick and Holly Janicki, searched all around the world for the most advanced therapeutic technology for personal use.

They think that having float therapy can enhance the connection between the body and the mind!

In a float pod with 10 inches of water and more than 2000 pounds of Epsom salts, you can simply float as though you’re on air.

While there are many benefits, the most common ones include deep relaxation, natural pain relief, and better sleep.

Address: 5140 Chappel Dr, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

19. Visit the Salt Cave of Perrysburg

Perrysburg’s Salt Cave is a unique center for halo therapy. Experience infrared sauna therapy sessions and dry salt treatments at this luxurious facility. Salt materials, crystals, salt lamps, soaps, and other essentials for aromatherapy can be found in Perrysburg’s Salt Cave.

It offers a large selection of natural aromatherapy goods, acquired locally and bought by small businesses. The Himalayan Mountains are the source of all salt goods.

This location also offers a store where patrons can buy goods made with natural salt.

Address: 318 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg, OH 43551, United States

20. Visit Saint John XXIII Catholic Church

On the last note of things to do in Perrysburg, Ohio, is to visit the Saint John XXIII Catholic Church.

Perrysburg’s Saint John XXIII Catholic Church is a place of worship. The late Pope John XXIII served as the establishment’s patron when it was established in 2005.

Everyone is welcome to this open and friendly Catholic church. This church seeks to unite all those seeking a deeper connection with God.

The Catholic Church of Saint John XXIII is a haven of serenity, devotion, and spirit.

If you’re a Catholic or a believer in the Christian faith, the Saint John XXIII Catholic Church should be a place to spend quality time in the presence of God.

Address: 24250 N Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

Frequently asked questions Perrysburg Ohio

What school districts are in Perrysburg, Ohio?

Perrysburg is served by the Perrysburg Exempted Village School District, which includes several elementary, middle, and high schools.

What are some popular attractions in Perrysburg?

Perrysburg has attractions such as Fort Meigs State Memorial, the Town Center at Levis Commons (shopping and entertainment district), and the Perrysburg Historic District.

Are there any parks in Perrysburg?

Yes, Perrysburg has several parks, including Hood Park, Orleans Park, and Woodlands Park, offering recreational activities and green spaces.

How far is Perrysburg from Toledo, Ohio?

Perrysburg is located just south of Toledo, and the distance between the two cities is approximately 10 miles.

What events or festivals happen in Perrysburg?

Perrysburg hosts various events throughout the year, including the Harrison Rally Day festival and the Holiday Parade.

Is there public transportation in Perrysburg?

Perrysburg is part of the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) service, providing public transportation options.

What are some local businesses in Perrysburg?

Perrysburg has a mix of local and chain businesses, including restaurants, shops, and services. Levis Commons is a popular shopping and dining destination.

What healthcare facilities are available in Perrysburg?

There are several healthcare facilities in Perrysburg, including medical centers, clinics, and pharmacies.

How can I get involved in community activities in Perrysburg?

You can check with local community centers, join local clubs or organizations, or participate in events organized by the city to get involved in the Perrysburg community.

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