It is good to know that, with the few funds you have, you can explore magnificent places around the world. While others might be contemplating or postponing their trip because of a lack of funds, you can gear up your travel itinerary and begin exploring your low-budget destinations all over the world.

Knowing that there are countries that offer a plethora of attractions that are budget-friendly is worth celebrating for every traveler. These countries offer endless attractions ranging from beaches, historical sites, cuisine, festivals, nightlife, and lots more.

So when looking for the best low-budget travel destinations, it is good to know that there are endless of them, so put together your traveling gear and begin wandering around the fascinating wonders of the earth that are budget-friendly.

Without further ado, here is a list of the best low-budget travel destinations around the world.

best low budget travel destinations

1. Indonesia

Particularly if you visit during the shoulder seasons of April to June or September to October, when the weather is typically becoming progressively dryer or wetter, this volcanic, tropical Indonesian island can be astonishingly cheap. Great low-cost hotels are everywhere, most beaches in Bali are free, and activities are typically very affordable—less than £30 for cooking classes or guided early-morning hikes up Mount Batur, for example.

Both taking a taxi and renting a scooter to go about are inexpensive options. When it comes to eating, stick to traditional street food like nasi jinggo, which is rice, and side dishes like sambal-fried peanuts wrapped in banana leaves, or visit the reasonably priced eateries in Canggu and Ubud.

2. Mexico

People are really in doubt about how cheap and budget-friendly Mexico is considering the high level of regarded cuisine and brews that the country is known for.

Mexico is always one of our top picks for low-cost travel destinations. The modern restaurant scene in Mexico City is the only thing that rivals the city’s street food culture for spending most of your money on food.

However, be sure to budget some money to see all of the city’s cultural attractions, beginning with the well-known Museo Jumex. If you’re willing to travel a bit further, consider visiting Jalisco to witness the production of tequila firsthand or Isla Holbox for a tranquil beach setting.

3. Portugal

I understand that you may have your doubts, but you simply have to go and discover how budget-friendly Portugal is.

Not all Euro nations are made equal, and Portugal is one of the best values in the area as well as one of the tourist favorites. With gorgeous beaches, a wine country that rolls along, breathtaking seaside cliffs, mouthwatering cuisine, friendly inhabitants, and historic cities all at deeply discounted costs, how could I not?

Not all Euro nations are made equal, and Portugal is one of the best values in the area as well as one of the tourist Lisbon has grown particularly pricey as a result of increased migration to Portugal, which has resulted in increased tourism and population. After all, it’s a fantastic place! Outside of Lisbon, however, costs are still rather low in comparison to the rest of Western Europe, and the number of tourists is significantly lower.

Portugal is one of your best options if you’re searching for an affordable spot to spend the winter in Europe, even though it’s stunning in the summer.

4. Gambia

The smallest nation in Africa has a lot to offer. The most well-known feature of the Gambia is its stunning sandy beaches, with Cape Point being the most photogenic. But there’s much more to enjoy, like chimpanzee, hippo, and bird viewing excursions in River Gambia National Park, wetlands patrolled by leopards, and enigmatic stone circles.

Nevertheless, winter sun packages to this West African nation are ridiculously low, even if there are some superb coastal hotels. Jet lag is not even an issue because of the shared GMT zone.

5. Philippines

Are you curious about the potential expense of exploring the stunning islands of the Philippines? Do not worry. Given that they are among the most breathtaking locations on earth, it is difficult to comprehend how economically accessible destinations like Palawan and Siargao are. All the motivation you might need to make travel plans to the Philippines right now is the fact that even five-star resorts like Shangri-La Boracay can be reserved for less than $350 a night.

6. Madagascar

While it is one of the best places to have all the fun at a price that is far more affordable than in other nations, Madagascar is not given the credit that it truly deserves.

For your next tropical island getaway, consider less expensive Madagascar—an Indian Ocean jewel replete with stunning rainforests and lemur-filled national parks—instead of pricier, more well-known destinations like the Maldives and Bora Bora.

When Namoroka Tsingy Exploration Camp opens, you should organize your vacation around it. The camp will include seven opulent safari tents inside the largely unexplored Namoroka National Park. Alternatively, consider including a stopover at the island nation in your cruise itinerary. Several luxury cruise companies, including Silversea, Lindblad, Swan Hellenic, and Seabourne, have included the nation as a port of call on their newest itineraries.


7. Belize

Belize is a tiny Central American nation home to jaguar-filled jungles, amazing Maya ruins, caves, coffee farms, Caribbean beaches, and a piece of the world’s second-longest barrier reef, which makes for fantastic snorkeling and diving. In addition to some opulent resorts catering to dot-com millionaires, laid-back beach villages provide superb boutiques. Placencia is an excellent option; you can get away with as little as about $120 for a two-dive excursion there.

So when you want to have the flavor of Caribbean nature that won’t tear your pocket, consider Belize the perfect destination.

8. Costa Rica

With beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests among its numerous natural features, Costa Rica is an inexpensive and enjoyable travel destination. It’s swiftly rising to the top of the list of affordable travel locations in Central America!

This premier location offers a wealth of tourism amenities and a well-developed infrastructure. Therefore, it’s easy to get around and discover amazing locations to go to as well as a variety of activities to add flavor and significance to any trip.

 9. Thailand

Thailand is among the few countries that you can never get rid of once you step on your foot. Also, knowing that it’s super affordable is one of the major reasons why tourists flock to the country every year.

Thailand is the hub of backpacking in Southeast Asia, with a decades-long tourist trail. You can survive on $25–35 USD a day with the help of inexpensive guesthouses, inexpensive street food (you can find it for as little as $1!), local buses, and numerous free or inexpensive attractions.

Anticipate spending closer to $60 per day if you want to stay on the islands and in upscale accommodations. But even at that cost, Thailand remains one of the world’s most affordable travel destinations, so don’t pass it up!

10. Brazil

Brazil is a terrific destination to visit if you don’t want to go over budget, much like most of South America. However, you can receive even better value than usual because one dollar is equivalent to roughly five Brazilian reals.

With amazing restaurants like Lasai, a 2023 Hot List winner, conveniently located near some of the best beaches in the world, Rio de Janeiro is the clear choice for both time and money spent. Remember to visit São Paulo as well, since a younger generation has brought trendy museums, galleries, and clubs to many previously unrecognized areas.

Just like other Southern American nations, it is good to know that this largest Latin-speaking country in South America is budget-friendly and offers many fun activities to keep you entertained throughout your visit.


11. Sri Lanka

A lot of people have not yet discovered this, but I’m here to tell you that Sri Lanka is one of the amazing budget-friendly countries that you need to check out.

As is the case with many other destinations, one can visit Sri Lanka on a backpacker’s budget or spend a small fortune. The most shocking thing was how much certain activities cost, including safaris and UNESCO World Heritage Site admission.

Luxurious hotels with 40-meter rooftop infinity pools in Colombo’s capital are available for less than $50 a night. A first-class train ticket to the Portuguese-era fort city of Galle costs about $5, while a whale-watching boat or a leopard search in Yala National Park can set you back about $40. The best crab curries ought to alter from tenners after beautiful days on white-sand beaches.

As a budget traveler, you can survive in Sri Lanka with a budget of $45 to $50 daily. So when looking for the best low budget travel destinations to have fun, think about Sri Lanka.

12. Poland

Poland is among the nations that are members of the EU but have not yet switched to using the euro as their currency. This indicates that prices are significantly lower than in Western Europe because the native currency, the Polish zloty, is roughly four times less expensive than the Euro.

The most well-known cities are Warsaw and Krakow, but since Poland has so much to offer, I also suggest seeing some of its lesser-known locations. Yes, this place is inexpensive and has a lively nightlife, but it also boasts breathtaking lakes, hilly scenery, and interesting national parks.

While admission to the majority of natural beauties is free, some national parks charge a nominal fee. Depending on the location, tourist attractions might range from $3 for museums to $5 for castles. In Poland, you can count on dependable, reasonably priced public transportation and private buses that can transport you across the nation for as little as $1 if you book in advance!

13. Czech Republic

One of the best inexpensive travel destinations in Eastern Europe is the Czech Republic. It is an excellent destination for all types of people, from families on vacation to lone backpackers, because it provides a wide range of activities. Additionally, it has a first-rate local transit system and native speakers of English, making it simple for those who are not fluent in the language.

Hostels in Prague run about $10 a night, while beers in the pubs cost between $1 and $3. You can save a lot of money even if you choose to stay in a somewhat more expensive private hotel room—some good ones can be had for nearly $20 per night.

Prague’s tourism business has been growing, thanks in part to affordable lodging. However, there are plenty of inexpensive things to do in this city.

Some of the best walking trips cost as low as $38. If not, take a cheap and cheerful beer tour or explore old dungeons.

In addition, there are many reasonably priced eateries with a wide variety of dishes that highlight the region’s cuisine and lively culture; the priciest meals cost between $8 and $12.

The fact that you can have a great time in the Czech Republic while spending very little money encourages you to visit.

14. Georgia

One of the most tourist-friendly capital cities in Europe is Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Tbilisi is ideal for travelers on a tight budget because of its abundance of reasonably priced eateries and cafes, free walking tours, and ticketless sites (which include modern art spaces and a fortification from the 4th century).

The city of Tbilisi gets its name from its proximity to natural hot springs; hence, unique paid experiences like a sulfur bath, which is a must-do while visiting, are also reasonably priced. For little than $25 per person, you can enjoy a private luxurious bath.

Inexpensive public transit facilitates simple navigation of Tbilisi. You can get there for less than a dollar by taking the local bus or metro, and a room at a respectable hostel can cost as little as $5 per night.

Budget tourists can survive here for as little as $30 per day, so you can get by on almost nothing as well. Most museums and historic places cost only $2–5 USD, beer is about $3, and groceries for a week run about $25–30 USD.

It is high time you consider Georgia when looking for a fun place to travel without breaking the bank.

15. Jamaica

Statistics show that Jamaica continues to be the Caribbean’s best-value travel destination. This ranking is derived from a survey of pricing conducted in Montego Bay, a popular beach, snorkeling, and jungle exploration destination on the north coast.

The Caribbean island, known for its love of reggae, is also home to numerous waterfalls. Viator excursions begin at £33. Even duty-free Jamaican rum is cheap at the airport.

When considering a country in the Caribbean region that is budget-friendly, think about the beautiful country of Jamaica as your next destination.

16. Cambodia

A vast number of people don’t know that most Asian countries are budget-friendly. Cambodia happens to be among the budget-friendly countries on the Asian continent to head to.

Cambodia is a beautiful, very affordable country with extremely kind people. For $25, you can have a private, air-conditioned room; for $2–5 USD, you can get street cuisine; and for $20–25 USD, you can receive transportation around the entire country. Spending about $50 a day will make you comfortable. If you double that, you’ll lead a lavish life.

Though less expensive than the well-known Thailand, Cambodia is equally gorgeous and home to some of the world’s friendliest people. It also has the magnificent Angkor Wat.

17. South Africa

Did you know that, in terms of tourism and vacations, South Africa is the most visited country in Africa? When looking for solace abroad, one of the best locations to go is South Africa.

Being able to travel to South Africa and see its stunning scenery while on safari without breaking the bank is one of the best things about visiting the country. This includes seeing the Big Five. To see a white rhino and avoid the Kruger crowds, go to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi.

For an amazing experience, go trekking in the Drakensberg. The two most stunning towns in South Africa, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, have active nightlife that you should plan to explore for at least a few days.

18. Bolivia

This landlocked nation offers surprisingly inexpensive sightseeing excursions. Trips to the famous Salar de Uyuni, where rain transforms salt flats into a surreal mirror from January to April, may be taken for as little as £80 over several days in cross-country cars.

While lodges in the Amazon jungle are generally more economical than anywhere else in South America, trips on Lake Titicaca that include visits to floating communities can cost less than £10. The only thing that costs money when visiting Bolivia is the initial travel expenses.

19. Montenegro

A lot of people don’t know they can explore a vast number of European countries without exceeding their budget. Montenegro happens to be one of the cheapest European countries to visit.

The city of Kotor is a great choice to start with. For the budget-conscious traveler, this reasonably priced Balkan city is ideal. Though it’s less than two hours south of Dubrovnik, the cost is a lifetime away.

The simplest route to Kotor is to take a low-cost aircraft to either Podgorica or Dubrovnik. It’s easy to find a cheap and regular bus from either location to Kotor.

Strolling around the narrow streets of Old Town is one of the nicest things to do in Kotor. There are squares and cathedrals where you can spend hours people-watching and taking pictures (for free).

Different daily specials are offered by the numerous cafes and eateries across the nation. An inexpensive meal will see you forking out about $10. However, a fast food restaurant’s short and simple meal will only cost a few dollars less, and a beer to wash it down will only cost less than $2. I think you should have a reason to visit Montenegro.

20. Albania

Although everyone is aware of how inexpensive Eastern Europe is, Albanian prices are outrageous even by these standards. Couples can enjoy three dishes of traditional cuisine (try the tave kosi, which is baked chicken or lamb in yogurt), together with a bottle of wine, and yet barely manage to spend ten pounds at this very decent café.

The same applies to loungers on the stunning, sandy shores of Himare on the Albanian Riviera or admission costs to the castle of national hero Skanderbeg. Most luxurious accommodations are also extremely inexpensive.

Albania is one of the countries to travel to on a tight budget.

21. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is among the best low budget travel destinations for everyone who doesn’t have a lot to spend on vacation.

Even though the city’s pubs and restaurants can be expensive, there is a wide range of lodging options that allow for budget-conscious visits that can be fueled by the delicious street food options, which include skewered curry fish balls, egg waffles, and stinky tofu. When compared to Europe or North America, taxi fares in Hong Kong are likewise inexpensive.

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