Searching for a November vacation destination that won’t break the budget in time for the holidays? Even if your trip budget is short, there are many locations worldwide that offer fantastic weather during this time of year and will provide you with an incredible experience.

Traveling to new countries in November is fantastic, and these places offer a variety of fascinating experiences.

Travel in November is a highlight for fresh perspectives and genuine experiences across the Northern and Southern hemispheres, from sailing close to stunning karsts to meandering along an ancient trail, exploring the pyramids to taking in the natural island beauty.

No matter what kind of visitor you are, this material reveals some of the best sites to visit, from shadow puppets to arctic penguins, and safari tours to ancient temples.

Cheap Travel Destinations in November

1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers in November. The city’s warm weather and reduced hotel rates make it ideal for enjoying its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Explore the old town’s cobblestone streets, indulge in delicious street food, and take part in activities like snorkeling and boat tours. This coastal gem offers a mix of relaxation and adventure without breaking the bank​.

2. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena combines historical charm with beachside relaxation, perfect for a November getaway. As the rainy season ends, the city’s pleasant weather is ideal for exploring its colonial architecture and colorful streets.

Hotel prices are low, making it an affordable destination. Enjoy the historic walled city, relax on nearby beaches, and savor the vibrant local cuisine. Cartagena’s affordability and cultural richness make it a standout choice​​.

3. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City in November is perfect for a cultural adventure on a budget. The end of the rainy season brings pleasant weather, ideal for exploring historic sites and bustling markets.

The city’s vibrant food scene offers delicious and affordable options. Flights and accommodations are particularly budget-friendly during this time, allowing you to experience the city’s rich heritage and modern attractions without the usual crowds​​.

4. Cusco, Peru

Cusco offers a unique and affordable November travel experience. As a gateway to Machu Picchu, it provides a rich cultural immersion with fewer tourists and lower prices.

The weather is favorable for hiking and exploring ancient Incan sites. Enjoy vibrant markets, traditional Peruvian cuisine, and the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes. Cusco’s blend of history and natural beauty makes it an unforgettable destination​.

5. Marrakesh, Morocco

November in Marrakesh offers cooler weather, making it comfortable to explore its bustling souks and historic sites. The shoulder season brings lower hotel rates, providing an affordable gateway to Moroccan culture and architecture.

Wander through vibrant markets, visit stunning palaces, and relax in traditional hammams. Marrakesh’s rich cultural heritage and lively atmosphere create a sensory feast for visitors on a budget.

6. Singapore

Singapore’s diverse culinary scene and modern attractions become more affordable in November. The weather is hot and rainy, perfect for exploring the numerous hawker centers offering cheap and delicious food.

Lower hotel prices and fewer tourists make it an excellent time to visit the city’s many attractions, from stunning gardens to futuristic architecture. Enjoy the vibrant mix of cultures and experiences without high costs.

7. Athens, Greece

Athens offers a historical escape with fewer tourists in November. The mild weather is perfect for exploring ancient sites like the Acropolis and enjoying the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Competitive rates on flights and hotels make it a great time to visit without the crowds. Wander through historic neighborhoods, enjoy Greek cuisine, and immerse yourself in Athens’ timeless charm.

8. Panguitch, Utah

Nature lovers will find Panguitch a perfect budget-friendly destination in November. Located near Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, it offers breathtaking vistas of colorful cliffs and unique rock formations. Affordable accommodations and fewer crowds make it ideal for exploring these stunning landscapes. Enjoy hiking, photography, and the tranquility of nature in this picturesque region​.

9. Port Clinton, Ohio

Port Clinton, located on the shores of Lake Erie, is perfect for an affordable November getaway. The area offers island-hopping adventures, museums, and nature parks. The off-peak season brings lower prices for hotels and attractions, making it a charming and cost-effective destination for a lakeside retreat. Enjoy the peaceful scenery and local activities without high travel costs​.

10. Spring Hill, Florida

Spring Hill provides a mix of natural beauty and budget-friendly activities. November’s mild weather is ideal for snorkeling at Weeki Wachee Springs or exploring local beaches.

The area’s affordable accommodations and diverse outdoor activities make it a great destination for families and nature enthusiasts. Enjoy the warmth and scenic views of Florida without the high season prices.

11. London, England

London in November is bustling with early festive activities and fewer tourists. This means more affordable accommodations and a chance to experience the city’s famous landmarks, museums, and theaters without the usual crowds.

The cool weather adds to the charm, making walks through its historic streets particularly enjoyable. Take advantage of lower prices and immerse yourself in London’s rich cultural scene​.


12. Los Angeles, California

cheap places to travel in California

Los Angeles offers a mix of glamour and laid-back vibes, and November is an excellent time to visit for budget travelers. With lower tourist numbers, you can enjoy iconic attractions like Hollywood, Venice Beach, and Griffith Observatory at a more relaxed pace and cost. Explore the diverse neighborhoods and enjoy the mild weather, making the most of LA’s vibrant culture and entertainment​​.

13. Sydney, Australia

Sydney in November is warming up for summer but still offers more affordable travel options before the peak season hits. Enjoy the iconic Opera House, stunning beaches, and vibrant city life without the high prices of the holiday season.

Take advantage of lower hotel rates and explore the beautiful coastal city. Sydney’s mix of outdoor activities and cultural attractions makes it a great November destination​ ​.

14. Oslo, Norway

Oslo transforms into a winter wonderland in November, with prices dropping to more budget-friendly levels. Enjoy outdoor activities like sledding and skiing, and explore the city’s museums and markets without the usual high costs associated with Scandinavian travel. The festive atmosphere and stunning winter landscapes add to Oslo’s charm, making it a magical and affordable winter destination.

15. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix’s warm November weather makes it a perfect escape from the cold. Enjoy hiking in the stunning desert landscapes, visiting botanical gardens, and exploring cultural sites. The off-peak season ensures lower prices and a more relaxed atmosphere. Phoenix offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure and urban attractions, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

16. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis offers a cultural and natural retreat in November at affordable prices. Explore its extensive park system, visit the Mall of America, and enjoy the local art scene. The city’s friendly atmosphere and budget-friendly accommodations make it a great destination. Experience the vibrant mix of urban and natural attractions without the usual tourist crowds​​.

17. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant, budget-friendly destination in November. The city’s mix of modern skyscrapers and traditional markets provides a unique experience.

Enjoy cheap local cuisine, visit iconic landmarks like the Petronas Towers, and explore the rich cultural heritage. November’s lower tourist numbers and prices make it an ideal time to visit. Experience the dynamic blend of cultures and urban excitement without high costs​.

18. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest offers an affordable European escape in November with fewer crowds and lower prices. Explore historic sites like Buda Castle, relax in thermal baths, and enjoy the local cuisine.

The city’s beautiful architecture and vibrant cultural scene make it a captivating destination. Take advantage of lower rates and immerse yourself in Budapest’s rich history and stunning landscapes​.

19. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi in November provides pleasant weather and budget-friendly travel options. Explore the city’s rich history, vibrant markets, and delicious street food.

Visit landmarks like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Old Quarter. Affordable accommodations and lower tourist numbers make it a great time to experience Hanoi’s charm. Enjoy the unique blend of traditional and modern Vietnamese culture without the high costs​​.

20. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon offers mild weather and fewer tourists in November, making it ideal for a budget-friendly visit. Enjoy exploring historic neighborhoods, stunning viewpoints, and vibrant markets. Affordable flights and accommodations allow you to experience the city’s rich culture and delicious cuisine without the crowds. Lisbon’s mix of history, scenic beauty, and affordability make it a perfect November destination​.



These destinations combine affordability with unique cultural, historical, and natural attractions, making them perfect for an enriching yet budget-friendly travel experience in November. So pack your bags and get ready to explore these affordable November getaways!

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